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Visual Marketing Intelligence

VMI provides you the most extensive Marketing Intelligence platform by using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition.

As a marketing expert or a category manager, you may have difficulty to track thousands of competitor products. Which competitors have visually similar items to your products? What are their prices and actual campaigns? It is nearly impossible to match and track thousands of products manually. No worries, we solved your problem!

Match Products

We scan your competitors' products and automatically match the products by using visual similarity. So you can compare your prices and designs with competitors easily.

Tag Products

Our Image Recognition Technology, automatically generate tags for all of your products and competitors' products. You can easily view the competition and find the competitor designs by searching with the auto-generated tags such as color, style, pattern etc...

Analyze Prices, Campaigns and Trends

Get reports such as category price indexes, in campaign competitor products, most recent products and design trends.

Get valuable insights for the right pricing.

You have a new product and search for the right pricing strategy. But do you have enough market intelligence?

Search the most visually similar competitor products and learn their prices & campaigns. Don't miss the opportunity to stay one step forward, find the right price.

Get informed quickly when your competitor products are in campaign.

Create campaign alerts and get e-mails when visually similar competitor products are in campaign.

Get informed when your prices fall behind the visually similar competitor products.

Receive regular e-mails about new competitor products and market trends.

Focused Industries

Currently we provide solutions for the industries below.

Fashion & Clothing

Middle to large scale fashion and clothing Retail.

Construction Materials

Ceramics, tiles and construction materials that product design matters for competition.


Furniture and accesorize retail.

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